ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 08/2015
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Elesa+Ganter News
EBR-PN: the new handle with pneumatic drive

EBR-PN handle allows the direct drive of a single-acting or double acting pneumatic actuator, by pushing the light-blue button.

The handle is supplied with quick couplings for direct fitting of a tube Ø 4 mm for pneumatics and it is already set up with discharge function of the pressure chamber.

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GN 7403 Breather Strainers

GN 7403 Breather strainers are used in enclosure and device construction.

Any dirt and dust particles are prevented from exiting due to these breather strainers.
They are available in aluminium as well as in stainless steel and in different mesh sizes respectively.

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Vibration-damping elements

vibration-damping elements have been designed to damp vibration, shocks and noises produced by

moving bodies of equipment.
DVA vibration-damping elements allow avoiding malfunctioning and reduction of the machine lifespan, damage to operator’s health and excessive noise.
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Levelling Feet à la Carte

With around 5200 variants, Elesa+Ganter offers an enormous diversity of levelling feet. Due to the new system, searching for

the best levelling foot is faster, simpler and easier. You can create your very own modular set of levelling feet, where virtually every base plate can be combined with virtually any spindle.

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