ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 12/2015

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Elesa+Ganter News
New CSMH latches with compression handle

CSMH latches, composed of a black or grey coated handle in die-cast zinc alloy and a polyamide based technopolymer

base, can be supplied with a lock having 400 different combinations or one combination. Particularly suitable for application on generators, compressors, industrial air-conditioning and panelling with electrical material.

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GN 3663
Torque Knurled Knobs

New torque knurled knobs GN 3663 are used when manually applied torque is to be limited.

When tightening the knob, the maximum permissible torque is not exceeded but the necessary torque for releasing will always be transferred reliably.

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UCF self-aligning brackets

The new brackets are composed of a technopolymer base and a chrome steel high quality bearing with traceability

codes.The range includes straight (UCP), oval flanged (UCFL), side flange (UCFB) and square flanged (UCF) self-aligning brackets. Each series is available with closed cap for head brackets or open cap for pass-through shafts.
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GN 565.3
Cabinet "U" Handles

GN 565.3 Cabinet "U" handles are suitable for applications where lower lifting forces are required such as on lids or protective

machine covers. The range of GN 565.3 has been extended by a new size. These handles are now also available in the longer length 160 mm, as well as in 120 mm.

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