ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 01/2016
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CMC torque amplifier collar

Combined with clamping levers type ERX., clamping knobs type VCT.SOFT or handles type L.652, CMC collars double

the clamping force applied at equal torque due to the presence of a bearing acting to reduce friction. The axial bearing, contained in a polyamide based technopolymer case, is available in AISI 52100 steel or in AISI 440 C stainless steel.

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Indexing Plungers for

Elesa+Ganter now offers GN 817.8 and GN 817.9 indexing plungers. Both plungers can be customised even in

single order quantities. One feature which may be adjusted is the usable length of the indexing pin and the shape at its tip. In addition to the option of adapting the stainless steel pin supplied with the assembly, self-made plungers can also be integrated.

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Accessories for hydraulic systems new catalogue

The wide range of accessories for hydraulic systems includes plastic or metal plugs with different threads,

breather caps, oil level indicators and column level indicators satisfying the high standards required by this industry. All the range is collected in the accessories for hydraulic systems new catalogue.
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Revolving Stainless Steel Handles

The new GN 798.1
revolving handles
have a standard
design with their
stepped shape
consisting of two

cylinders giving the operator a better grip.
These handles are available in all-stainless steel AISI 303.

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