ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 03/2016
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Stems for levelling elements with adjusting square

The stems with adjusting square are manufactured efficiently through machining of AISI 304 stainless steel

round bar. They represent a cost-effective solution and offer a high ease of use: the adjusting square giving a rotation angle by 90°. To combine bases and stems, see the Tables of possible combinations.

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Horizontal Clamps
with Safety Hook

The new horizontal clamps with safety hook GN 820.3 and
GN 820.4, available in steel and stainless steel, are fitted with

a safety function. During closing, a safety hook ensures a form-locking bolting connection. It prevents inadvertent unlocking of the clamping position caused by vibrations.

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HFL-E and HFLT-E rapid levels with float

HFL-E and HFLT-E rapid levels with float detect a predefined minimum or maximum level, according to the application needs.

Safety and protection against dirty fluids or irons metal particles are guaranteed. Discover HFL-E and HFLT-E features and functioning watching the 3D animation.
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Bull's Eye Levels and
Screw-on Levels

Integrated spirit
levels allow objects
such as machines,
tripods or assembly points to be aligned
with precision

- the horizontal position can be checked at any time and at a glance. Screw-on levels and bull's eye levels with several housings are available in different sensitivities.

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