ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 04/2016
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This is the new edition of the Elesa+Ganter newsletter.
Elesa+Ganter Exhibitions

11th - 17th April 2016, Munich
Elesa+Ganter will exhibit at Bauma 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

Visit our booth in Hall A3 Stand 639



25th - 29th April 2016, Hannover
Elesa+Ganter will also exhibit at Hannover Messe 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology.

Visit our booth in Hall 5 Stand D14-E13

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Elesa+Ganter News
HCK-GL high performing column level indicator

HCK-GL is composed of two technopolymer black ends, a Pyrex glass tube, an aluminium support and a polycarbonate

transparent front protection. Designed to read the liquid level of hydraulic systems that use liquids containing aggressive chemical agents, such as glycol-based solutions.
Watch the 3D animations showing HCK-GL features and functioning and operating cycles test.

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Indexing Plungers with
Click-Type Safety Lock

GN 414.1 Indexing plungers with
click-type safety lock are used when the plunger pin is to be briefly prevented

from protruding. When the pin is retracted to its end position, the button engages with a clearly audible click. The safety lock can be unlocked only by exerting axial pressure on the red safety push button, with the plunger pin then returning to its starting position by spring force.

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"Soft" line for a safer grip

Designed for use on
equipment requiring
frequent tightening or
for applications
subject to severe

The "Soft" line contains products ensuring a safer and more stable ergonomic grip thanks to their soft coating, which increases adherence to the element and absorbs vibrations even in unfavourable conditions.
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Roller guide systems

All roller guide systems consist of one outer rail GN 2422 with roller carriages
GN 2424 moving inside this rail.

Rollers GN 2426 and wipers GN 2428 can also be supplied separately from the roller carriages.The rails can be made as fixed or floating bearing versions and they can be attached in two different ways.

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