VCT-LP Lobe knobs with retaining chain | Retaining magnets with white rubber jacket
Breather caps 3D animation | GN 6311.4 Levelling feet
Newsletter 05/2016
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VCT-LP Lobe knobs with retaining chain
Suitable where it is necessary to prevent the loss of the knob.
The elastic fork, housed in the groove of the knob, can turn freely preventing the technopolymer retaining chain to interfere with the rotation of the knob.
The coiled ring connects the fork to the chain.
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Retaining magnets
with white rubber jacket
GN 51.2, GN 51.3, GN 51.4 and GN 51.5 retaining magnets are now, in addition to the version in black, also available with a white rubber jacket.
It protects sensitive surfaces from being damaged by the magnet and also delivers a higher friction coefficient, resulting in high lateral adhesion forces.
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Breather caps 3D animation
Watch the 3D animation to discover features and functioning of breather caps.
It includes breather caps with 
(SFP. - SFP+a) or without (SFN.SMN.
splash guard to prevent oil loss, valve breather caps (SFV.), double-valve pressurised breather caps (SFW. - SMW.) and double-valve pressurised breather caps vandal-proof (SFW-VP).
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GN 6311.4 Levelling feet
GN 6311.4 levelling feet are normally used when a thread is present at the machine side to adjust the height.
They are available with either a gliding or a non-gliding plastic cap in black or white, as well as without the plastic cap.

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