HVF. visual flow indicators | GN 817.5 Indexing plungers for precision locating
AE-V0 line |
GN 6311.3 Foot plates
Newsletter 06/2016
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New HVF. visual flow indicators
Composed of ends, axis and rotor propeller made of polypropylene based technopolymer, tie rods in nickel-plated brass and NBR synthetic rubber packing rings.
Maximum visibility of the flow from all angles guaranteed by the tubular window in PYREX® glass, that is also suitable for use with glycol-based solutions.
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GN 817.5 Indexing plungers
for precision locating
GN 817.5 indexing plungers allow highly accurate positioning, with the guidance made by the DIN 172 / DIN 179 guide bushings with cylindrical bore. The actual indexing bore is fitted with GN 172.1 /
GN 179.1 guide bushings with conical bore. The conical shape of the indexing pin / the indexing bore makes the positioning virtually clearance-free and therefore highly precise.
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AE-V0 line
AE-V0 line collects elements in
self-extinguish special technopolymer
for use in public environments where
flame-proof materials are required.
The products included in this line are designed for urban and public fittings and equipment for the lighting sector.
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GN 6311.3 Foot plates
GN 6311.3 foot plates are used in connection with DIN 6332 grub screws or DIN 6304 / DIN 6306 tommy screws. 
Owing to the special shape of the immovable retaining ring, the foot plate is easily plugged onto and removed from the pivot.
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