Position indicators special dials on request | GN 751.1 Fork joints with rotating shaft 
BT-SST-FP Fluted grip knobs | GN 56 Retaining magnets for profile systems 

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Position indicators: special dials on request
Used to set and regulating a wide variety of machine functions. Dials are available for standard ratios in clockwise or anticlockwise configurations.

It is possible to ask for special dials with marks or customised graduations.
Available also special ratiosstainless steel metal partsindicators with glycerine-filling.
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GN 751.1 Fork joints
with rotating shaft
GN 751.1 fork joints have a rotating shaft and an additional bolt with axial shaft lock (Type KL and SL) which can be mounted and dismantled without tools.
The rotating shaft allows non-dynamic radial movements to be compensated, which may occur when using cable winches, for example.
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Fluted grip knobs with stainless steel pass-through hole
BT knobs are now available also in the version with AISI 303 stainless steel boss, threaded pass-through hole. Thanks to the AISI 303 stainless steel boss, the knobs are suitable for applications in sectors requiring the use of corrosion resistant materials.

BT-SST-FP fluted grip knobs, made of polyamide based technopolymer, are available in black colour, matte finish.
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GN 56 Retaining magnets
for profile systems
GN 56 retaining magnets for profile systems can be inserted into a profile nut at any point and be secured against sideways displacement with a grub screw. Additional side mounting can also be achieved, for example with nuts for T-nuts GN 506.
Doors, covers and other accessories can therefore be simply attached to profile systems using magnets.
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