RDB Toothed clamping elements | GN 428 Cabinet "U" handles
CFSQ Safety hinges range extension | GN 565 Cabinet "U" handles UV resistant
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RDB toothed clamping element
Used to lock the position of two components rotating around an axis at a defined angle.

Made of SUPER-technopolymer, RDB toothed clamping elements are available with or without built-in case, for front mounting or for rear mounting. The locking angle is adjustable with a pitch of 6°.
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GN 428 cabinet "U" handles
GN 428 cabinet "U" handles are made of extruded aluminium profile.

The handle may be black plastic coated or natural colour anodized.
In addition, there are two different forms of cabinet "U" handles: mounting from the back or from the operating side.
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CFSQ safety hinges range extension
The CFSQ hinge with built-in safety switch is a safety device for accidental opening of doors. This product will automatically break off the power supply, ensuring safety of the operator.

New execution: 270° rotation angle.
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GN 565 cabinet "U" handles, UV resistant
GN 565 cabinet "U" handles are characterized by stability and ergonomic design.
There are different versions: plastic coated in different colours, anodized, blank.

Brand new: black, UV resistant.
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