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DVB. and DVC.
Vibration-damping elements
DVB. and DVC. elements are now available in addition to the already known DVA. elements with cylindrical and parabolic shape. DVB., with conical shape, are used as a bumper or as a limit stop for the absorption of vibration. DVC. allow lateral movements thanks to the tapered shape.

Body in natural rubber NR with hardness 40, 55, 70 Shore A and plate in zinc-plated steel or AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
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GN 784 Mounting clamps
with swivel ball joint
These new GN 784 mounting clamps with swivel ball joint are specially developed for applications where high stop torques are required. They have the advantage of needing only small amounts of torque to perform frequent adjustments. In addition, they can also be customized.

For this reason, these mounting clamps are particularly suitable when adjusting scanners, cameras, lightings or monitors.

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TCR. and TSR.
Oil fill and drain plugs
In addition to the already known TCD. and TSD. plugs, the particular positioning of the NBR O-Ring packing ring in its housing guarantees an even more high retention.

TCR. oil fill plug is available with or without side breather hole. TSR. oil drain plug is in red colour. "FILL" and "DRAIN" graphic symbols are according to DIN regulations.
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GN 730.5 Stainless Steel-Ledge handle
The GN 730.5 stainless steel ledge handle is used on doors, guards and hatches on machines, as well as on drawers and pull-out units.
Due to the A4 material used, the handle is recommended especially for use in corrosive environments with aggressive media.
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