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​Newsletter 01/2017
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An exciting new year lies ahead of us and we start straight into it with these interesting product presentations and information from the world of Standard Machine Elements. 

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CFAX. Technopolymer hinges
In addition to the already known CFA. hinge, the CFAX. has the rotating pin in
acetal-based technopolymer.

Made of high-resilience polyamide based technopolymer, black colour, matte finish and with a maximum rotation angle of 215°, CFAX. hinges are suitable for applications where lightness and high strenght are required.
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GN 7405 Strainer fittings
GN 7405 Stainless Steel-Strainer fittings are suited for assembly into piping systems as upstream or downstream protection devices.

Depending on the mesh size, particles carried by liquid or gaseous media can be prevented from passing through. Units or housing interiors are thereby protected from foreign objects which can impair function or durability due to their size.
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SLCK for high temperatures
SLCK is now available for applications with temperatures up to 120°, thanks to the new float in polyamide based technopolymer. The kit, suitable for HCK. and HCK-GL, includes one or two sensor holder brackets, a float, four O-Rings and two spacers.

With the application of SLCK, the column level indicators provide an electric signal when the fluid level reaches a preset level.
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GN 7017 Indexing plungers
GN 7017 Indexing plungers are activated through a lever and are characterized by small dimensions. These indexing plungers are universally applicable due to their prevention of misalignments and positioning errors of the mating indexing bores.
Type C / CK with rest position are used for such applications where the plunger has to stay in its retracted position.
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