CFMR. Spring hinges | Locking pins with magnetic adhesive surface
BSA52-E spindle locking bases for DD52R-E | Cranks with stainless steel retractable mechanism
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CFMR. Spring hinges
CFMR. spring hinges are used for the automatic re-closing or re-opening of the door by the return spring.
The torque varies progressively with the opening/closing angle of the hinge.

In special stress resistance tests, the return spring has exceeded 100,000 cycles while keeping the torque values unchanged.
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Locking pins with magnetic adhesive surface
GN 124.1 and GN 124.2 stainless steel locking pins are used for quick mounting, connecting and locking of various jig and fixture systems.
GN 124.1 locking pins have the advantage of a neodymium magnet at the adhesive surface.
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BSA52-E Spindle locking bases for DD52R-E
BSA52-E locking bases for DD52R-E electronic position indicators allow an easy and quick locking of the spindles after their positioning.

DD52R-E indicators can be used on passing through shafts in any position to provide the reading of the absolute or incremental positioning of a machine component.
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Cranks with stainless steel retractable mechanism
GN 472.3 cranked handles with a retractable handle are now available with a stainless steel retractable mechanism under GN 472.5.
A compression holds the hand piece firmly in both positions. When the handle is folded back it will automatically snap back into the recess.
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