CTD Torque limiting wing knobs | Stainless steel assembly pins with accessories
ETH. Tubular handles | Stainless steel ledge handle
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CTD torque limiting wing knobs
CTD wing knobs are used when the applied tightening torque must not exceed a preset value. The torque transmission from the wing knob to the clamping element takes place by means of a spring-based mechanical system which prevents the overcoming of the established torque. 

Upon exceeding the established torque, a "click" sound will be heard to indicate that the maximum tightening has been reached. By turning the knob anticlockwise the mechanism unlocks.
CTD wing knobs are available with two different maximum torque values.
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Stainless steel assembly pins with accessories
GN 2342 stainless steel assembly pins are available in all common diameters and lengths. It´s also possible to choose between three different retaining washers as well as options with or without cross hole for a spring cotter pin.
GN 2344 stainless steel retaining washers with loss-protection function can be ordered separately. Spring cotter pins, which secure the pin axially, are under GN 1024 with a single or a double winding available.
GN 111.2
retaining cables protect the pins against loss.
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New ETH. Tubular handles
ETH.28: aluminium tube with ø 28 mm, available in all finishes, with grey-black shanks and side caps in 6 Ergostyle colours as ETH. with tube ø 35 mm. 

ETH-CLEAN: aluminium tube with ø 28 or
35 mm, handle shanks and side caps are in white colour similar to RAL 9002. Designed for medical and hospital tools.
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Stainless steel ledge handle
The GN 730.5 stainless steel ledge handle can be used on doors, hatches, drawers and pull-out units on various machines and equipment.
Due to the stainless steel material used
(AISI 316), the handle is recommended especially for use in corrosive environments with aggressive media.
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