CFSW. Hinges with safety switch in grey colour | Cabinet "U" handles for welding
LX-HS Levelling elements | Installation brackets
​Newsletter 08/2017
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Our aim is to create innovation by developing new products and by improving performance and reliability of existing ones. In this newsletter you can find an overview of some of our latest products. Enjoy your reading!

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CFSW. Hinge with safety switch in grey colour
CFSW. hinge is a safety device because in case of accidental opening of doors, machine protections or safety doors on machines and production equipment, it automatically breaks off the power supply hence protecting the operator. 

CFSW. hinge with built-in multiple safety switch is now also available in grey colour RAL 7040 for a perfect aesthetic integration with aluminium structures.
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Steel or stainless steel cabinet "U" handles for welding
GN 425.3 and GN 426.3 cabinet "U" handles are machine elements which can be used in the general manufacturing systems engineering, plant construction or vehicle manufacturing. The range of Elesa+Ganter offers diameters from 8 mm to 30 mm.

The cabinet "U" handles are produced through bending. This allows special lengths or geometries to be manufactured even in comparatively small unit quantities.
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LX-HS Levelling elements
LX-HS levelling elements are composed by a technopolymer base with cross slot and a threaded stem with hexagon socket at the upper end.

The height of the levelling element can be easily and quickly adjusted, without moving or dismounting the structure, thanks to its hexagon socket. 
The cross slot allows the mounting of the
LX-HS levelling element with a screwdriver.
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GN 970 Installation brackets
GN 970 installation brackets are used universally for right-angle connecting and fastening for example of base plates or covers.
The types without bores (type A) allow the use of drilling templates specific to the application as well as fastening by welding. Installation brackets type B and type C are available with bores and/or slotted holes depending on your selection.
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