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​Newsletter 1/2018
Greetings to you all,

We would like to wish you a great and successful New Year 2018!
To start the new year, in our first issue we have some interesting new products.

Enjoy your reading!

Your Elesa+Ganter Team

Handles with latch

EBP-CH handles are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer in grey-black colour.
The handles are provided with triangular groove (EBP-CH-T) or with
two-wing groove for key (EBP-CH-A).
Available with different closing levers covering a latch distance from 6 to 42 mm.
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Retaining Magnets with
white rubber jacket
GN 51.2, GN 51.3, GN 51.4 and GN 51.5 retaining magnets are now, in addition to the version in black, also available with a white rubber jacket.
It protects sensitive surfaces from being damaged by the magnet and also delivers a higher friction coefficient, resulting in high lateral adhesion forces.
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New Column Level Indicators
In addition to the visual control of the oil level, an electric signal is generated when the oil level drops to a minimum and when the oil temperature reaches the max pre-set value. HCV indicators can be also equipped with an electrical probe providing the oil temperature.
The lateral sensor bracket allows installing the indicator on the reservoir minimizing the threshold detected by the sensor.
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GN 136 Sheet Metal Hinges
GN 136 sheet metal hinges are low-cost designs which are ideal for nearly every light to medium load application. Type A is attached either by fixing holes made by the customer or by welding. The types B and C are provided with bores for cylindrical or countersunk screws.
These sheet metal hinges are now available in the new sizes 30x30, 40x60, 50x75 and 60x90.
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