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STC Square tube connectors | GN 970 Installation brackets

​Newsletter 2/2018
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When colour is a value

Elecolors standard components offer the possibility of a perfect aesthetic combination to the machines they are installed on, enhancing the perception of their value and quality. 
A successful example is Clifton Food Range® (part of Nickel-Electro Ltd.) with baths and immersion circulators. 
Handles and knobs in Pure Orange identifies Cliftons’ products differentiating them from all other kitchen appliances, becoming a distinctive feature.

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Stainless Steel-Assembly pins with accessories
GN 2342 Stainless Steel-Assembly pins are available in all common diameters and lengths. It´s also possible to choose between three different retaining washers as well as options with or without cross hole for a spring cotter pin.
GN 2344 Stainless Steel-Retaining washers with loss-protection function can be ordered separately. Spring cotter pins, which secure the pin axially, are under GN 1024 with a single or a double winding available.
GN 111.2
Stainless Steel-Retaining cables protect the pins against loss.
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STC Square Tube Connectors
Suitable for creating structures composed by square profiles, STC connector consists of two parts made out of polyamide based technopolymer, also reinforced with
zinc-plated steel or stainless steel.
The assembly can be performed simply by positioning the connector, forcing it inside the profile, with no need of screws or other fasteners. Available in the monodimensional, bidimensional or tridimensional version, black or grey colour.
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GN 970 Installation brackets
GN 970 installation brackets are used universally for right-angle connecting and fastening for example of base plates or covers.
The types without bores (type A) allow the use of drilling templates specific to the application as well as fastening by welding. Installation brackets type B and type C are available with bores and/or slotted holes depending on your selection.

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