VCT. Lobe Knobs application on a dental armchair | Waist Shaped Knobs in Hygienic-Design |
HVF. Visual Flow Indicators with technoplymer ends | GN 1580 Stainless Steel-Nuts / Stainless Steel-Screws
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​Newsletter 3/2018
Dear Federica Flaminio

In the March issue we are pleased to introduce product innovations as well as range extensions we lately added to our product range.
Enjoy your reading!

Your Elesa+Ganter Team 

VCT. Lobe Knobs: application on a dental armchair
The original design of five lobes allows the operator a firm and secure grip. The coloured cap perfectly fits the dental armchair, offering a perfect aesthetic combination. Elesa+Ganter offers many other standard components to meet the most common manoeuvring and clamping operations with coloured inserts or fully coloured. A range of products featuring different shapes, surface finishing and colours designed to enhance the perception of the equipment value and quality.
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Waist Shaped Knobs in Hygienic Design
GN 75.6 waist shaped knobs are intended for use in hygiene areas.
The sealed mounting surface enables mounting without dead spaces; the impervious geometry in combination with the high quality finish Ra 0.8 µm prevents the accumulation of dirt and facilitates cleaning.
Due to these specific properties, products in Hygienic Design can assist the production process in these sensitive areas and facilitate the manufacture.
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HVF. Visual flow Indicators
with technopolymer ends
HVF. visual flow indicators are now available in the version with  AISI 316 stainless steel bosses and packing ring in VITON®
Executions with brass bosses and NBR synthetic rubber gasket are also available, as alternative.
The indicators can be mounted in any position. Maximum visibility of the flow from all angles guaranteed by the tubular window in PYREX® glass, which is also suitable for use with glycol-based solutions.
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GN 1580 Stainless Steel-Nuts / Stainless Steel-Screws
GN 1580 Stainless Steel-Nuts / Stainless Steel-Screws are intended for use in hygiene areas.
The sealed flange surface enables components to be mounted without dead spaces.
The high quality finish as well as the large corner radii and closed surfaces prevent adherence of dirt and facilitate cleaning.
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