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Extension of the Range of Set Collars | VTD Torque Limiting Knobs
For the Perfect Edge
​Newsletter 5/2018
Greetings to you all,

We are pleased to introduce you the May issue, focussing on the release of new interesting products from the world of Standard Machine Elements.

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Column Level Indicators with temperature and level sensors
The wide range of column level indicators has recently been extended. Thanks to the new executions, it is possible to combine the available parts in order to obtain an indicator with:
Temperature sensor/probe with electrical contacts normally open or normally closed (HCK-ST - HCK-STL);
Temperature and MIN level electrical contact normally open, normally closed or with change-over electrical contact that switches between the two terminals ( HCK-E - HCK-E-ST - HCK-E-STL).
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Extension of the Range of
Set Collars
Set collars from Elesa+Ganter can be used in multiple ways in machine and fixture fabrication.
They secure shafts and axles, act as a positive stop or as an attachment option for additional function elements.
With the extension of our assortment there are also standard part accessories for example, sensor holders or damping washers available.
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VTD Torque Limiting Knobs
VTD knobs are used when the applied tightening torque must not exceed a certain value. The transmission of the torque from the knob to the clamping element takes place by means of a spring system which, upon reaching the required torque, releases the knob. When the established torque is exceeded, a "click" will be heard to indicate that maximum tightening has been achieved. By turning the knob anticlockwise the mechanism (Elesa patent) unlocks.
Available maximum torque values for standard executions 2,3,4 and 6 Nm. 
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For the perfect edge
The new GN 2184 edge protection profiles without sealing function and  GN 2180 /
GN 2182 profiles with sealing function ensure secure front and side finishes on covers, cable ducts or openings, for example.

They not only give an optically clean finish, they also protect surfaces from damage and prevent cables or tubes from being worn in their casings.
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