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Newsletter 8/2018
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Elecolors: when colour is a value
To extend our wide selection of standard machine elements with coloured inserts VCT., VCT.SOFT, ELK., ESN., EWN.,
EWN-SST-p-P and MBT. clamping elements feature a new colour option: May Green.
ELECOLORS components are already available in Pure Orange, Light Grey, Colza Yellow, Pastel Blue, Flame Red and Jet Black for a perfect aesthetic combination with the machines they are destined for to make them unique.
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Adjustable Stainless Steel-Hand levers
GN 305 adjustable Stainless Steel-Hand levers in Hygienic Design are intended for use in hygiene areas.
Adjustable hand levers are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position.
When pulling up on the handle, the serration frees itself and can be re-located into any required position.

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Operating elements with keyway
Technopolymer and Duroplast operating elements can now be supplied as standard items with hole and keyway in compliance with DIN 6885/1.
To order the handwheel with keyway, select from the table the product code and description followed by -K.

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Stainless Steel-
Folding handles
The GN 425.9 Stainless Steel-Folding handle saves a significant amount of space between its operating and resting position. With the two end positions, the handle offers greater freedom when movement is restricted.
To circumvent differences in installation, the GN 425.9 allows various attachment alternatives. The retaining springs integrated in the mounted part suppress vibration and the generation of noise.
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