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Newsletter 9/2018
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New Transmission Elements
Included in the wide group of Machine Elements, the brand-new transmission elements are now online.
Elesa+Ganter transmission elements, made in reinforced technopolymer, offer many advantages: noise reduction, high resistance to torsion, high tensile strength, corrosion and chemical agents resistance, low specific weight and low friction coefficient, which allows their use even in sectors where lubrication is not possible. 
Available with modules from 0.5 to 4.0.
Pressure angle 20°.
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GN 235 Adjustable Hinges
The adjustable hinges GN 235 are characterised by their variability and variety.
They are available in zinc die casting and Stainless Steel.
They can be mounted for example using hex-head, oval-head or cylinder screws with a low head, which allows a full pivoting range of 180°.
To avoid the various installation problems, the Stainless Steel-Spacer plates GN 2370, the Stainless Steel-Plates GN 2372 and
GN 2376 (with threaded studs) are available as accessories.
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ELECOLORS meets the yellow of Top Automazioni
Top Automazioni, based in Poggio Torriana (Rimini - Italy), is the most innovative company in production of bar feeders.
They were looking for a solution to improve the aesthetics of their machines and to better differentiate their products against competition. ELECOLORS was the easy, direct answer without any additional costs. Top Automazioni chose ELECOLORS components with yellow inserts to represent the Corporate colour.
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Gripping Trays
Gripping trays GN 7330 and GN 7332 offer wide range of applications and will be used for assembly in doors, machines, containers and safety equipment.
The attractively designed gripping trays
GN 7330
and GN 7332 can be easily and quickly installed from the front using countersunk screws or from the back with grub screws.
Gripping trays with housing seal prevent the penetration of any dirt or liquids into the housing interior.
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