MBR. Technopolymer Diamond Cut Knurled Control Knob | GN 7237 St. Steel-Multiple-joint hinges + Application video | VLSK. Safety Lobe Knob range extension |
GN 7017 Indexing Plungers

Newsletter 10/2018
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MBR. Technopolymer Diamond Cut Knurled Control Knob
Available with reinforced technopolymer collar or flange. The centre cap can be supplied in 7 colours (C2 orange, C3 grey, C4 yellow, C5 blue, C6 red, C9 black, C17 green), as well as in other colours, with customized graphic symbols, marks or writings. The fine pitch knurling on the outside rim of the knob allows a safe and comfortable grip, offering the operator the possibility of working under different conditions in a sensitive and ergonomic way.
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GN 7237 St. Steel-Multiple-joint hinges + Application video
GN 7237 Stainless Steel-Multiple-joint hinges are installed to be space saving and vandalism-proof inside the housing, they allow a 180° opening angle of the flaps, hatches and doors.
Elongated holes in the hinge mounting brackets and spacer plates make the hinge adjustable on three levels.

Please take a look at the new application video.
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VLSK. Safety Lobe Knob range extension
In the working environment there may be a number of potential risk factors.
VLSK. security lobe knob with compact shapes without protrusions and irregularities, has been designed to prevent its unscrewing by unauthorised people. Therefore, it has got a vandal-proof function. VLSK. is now available in the version with one combination lock: all locks have the same combination and can be opened with the same key removable in two positions at 180°.
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GN 7017 Indexing Plungers

GN 7017
indexing plungers are activated through a lever and are characterized by small dimensions.
These indexing plungers are universally applicable due to their prevention of misalignments and positioning errors of the mating indexing bores.
Type C / CK with rest position are used for such applications where the plunger has to stay in its retracted position.
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