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Newsletter 12/2018
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An eventful year comes to an end. We would like to thank our readers with the last newsletter of 2018, which includes some interesting news from the world of Standard Machine Elements.

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Best wishes for a happy New Year from your Elesa+Ganter team!

EBR. Technopolymer Bridge Handles
The Elesa+Ganter wide range of technopolymer handles has been enlarged, thanks to the release of EBR. bridge handle.
EBR. handle is complementary to
EBR-SW handle with electric switch, 
EBR-PN pneumatic valve and EBR-CH safety lock. The standard execution with pass-through assembly holes for cylindrical head screws is available with caps in black colour as well as in the 6 Ergostyle colours.
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Toggle Clamps with Safety Function
The new vertical acting toggle clamps with safety hook GN 810.3 and GN 810.4,
available in steel and stainless steel,
include a lever action safety function.
During closing, a safety hook ensures a form-locking bolting connection. It prevents inadvertent unlocking of the clamping position caused by vibrations.
The toggle clamps can be ordered with horizontal or vertical base.
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Position indicators: special dials on request
Used to set and regulating a wide variety of machine functions. Dials are available for standard ratios in clockwise or anticlockwise configurations. It is possible to ask for special dials with marks or customised graduations. Available also special ratios, stainless steel metal parts, indicators with glycerine-filling.
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Levelling Sets GN 360

Levelling sets GN 360 are used for levelling and to compensate for any slope when setting up machines and systems.
The fine thread allows precise adjustment and readjustment.
The levelling sets are available with or without lock nut and in the materials of steel and stainless steel.
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