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To start the new year, take a look at the January topics of the Elesa+Ganter newsletter and discover an extract from our extensive product range.

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ELEROLL Modular Roller Tracks System
Modular roller tracks can be used to create sliding and containing benches suitable for several applications: packaging machinery, storage and picking systems, feeding and discharging benches etc.
One of the main advantage of the ELEROLL system is modularity: roller tracks can be easily assembled by fixing the roller or ball elements inside the aluminium profiles. 
Watch the 3D animation showing ELEROLL features, and discover the available accessories.
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Adjustable Hand Levers with Washer GN 307
Adjustable hand levers are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position.
The new standard part GN 307 is attached with a washer which cannot be removed. One typical application is to use the hand lever to clamp together 2 pieces of material where the lever is fixed on one piece and the other piece has a slot.
The adjustable hand lever is available with a threaded stud or tapped insert.

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Soft Line for a Safer and Comfortable Grip
The "Soft" line includes lobe shaped or fluted grip knobs together with two-volume or knurled handles.
Commonly known as Soft-touch, these elements have been developed for use on machinery and equipment requiring frequent tightening, or for applications subject to severe stress. The soft coating increases adherence to the element and absorbs vibrations even in unfavourable conditions, ensuring a safer and more stable ergonomic grip.
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Stainless Steel-Screws and Stainless Steel-Nuts
GN 1580 Stainless Steel-Screws and Stainless Steel-Nuts expand the product family Hygienic Design.
The screws and nuts are available with a polished or matte finish.
Elesa+Ganter supplies the relevant seals as spare parts and offers these under GN 7600 as standard parts.
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