HCFE-C Oil circulation sights Technopolymer up to 100°C

  • RoHS
  • PA-T
  • g10030


Main specifications


Transparent polyamide based (PA-T) technopolymer. Avoid contact with alcohol or detergents containing alcohol.

Circle for oil level check

Delimited by a small red coloured externally tampoprinted circle.
Tampoprinting resistant to oils with additives, greases, alkali and white spirit; resistant to abrasions under normal working conditions. Avoid contact with solvents, alcohol or detergents containing alcohol.

Packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber.

Maximum continuous working temperature


General information

Technical data

The tightening torque indicated in the table guarantees an optimal tightness, keeping the packing ring in the correct position.


For use with other fluids with special additives, please contact ELESA Sales Department.


Accessories on request

Brass nut type GH. for fitting to reservoirs with wall thickness smaller than 5 mm.
Oil circulation sights Technopolymer up to 100°C HCFE-C
Code Description d1 A B D d d2 d3 s Tightening torque
10906 HCFE.15/C-1/2 G 1/2 10.5 16 26 19 6 7 22 4÷6 5
11006 HCFE.20/C-3/4 G 3/4 10.5 19.5 31.5 25 11 12 27 6÷8 8
11106 HCFE.24/C-1 G 1 11 24 42 31 14 15 36 8÷10 18