SFP+a-EX Breather caps with splash guard and flat dipstick, technopolymer


Main specifications


Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer.
  • Cover: RAL 2004 orange, semi-matte finish, marked "OIL".
  • Threaded connector: black colour, semi-matte finish.

Packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber.

Flat dipstick

Flat section phosphatised steel.On request and for sufficient quantities dipstick can be supplied in different lengths and/or complete with MAX-MIN level lines.

Splash guard


ATEX directive compliance

The breather caps of the SFP+a-EX series comply with Health and Safety Requirements intended in 94/9/EC ATEX European Directive (explosive atmospheres) for equipments in Group II, category 2GD.II 2 G D IIB T6, marked on the SFP-EX breather caps, represents the identification according to ATEX directive.II: group of substances for which the product is suitable2: identification of the categoryG: identification of the type of explosive atmosphere (Gases or vapours)D: identification of the type of explosive atmosphere (Dust)IIB: group of explosive gasesT6: temperature classAmbient and/or fluid temperature: -30 ÷ +80°CEvery product codes will be supplied with declaration of conformity to European Directives.

General information

Features and applications

SFP+a-EX breather caps come complete with splash guard device (ELESA original design) that prevents oil loss and are particularly suitable for use where oil is violently agitated and could be splashed against breather cap.

Technical data

Air flow rate for each model can be determined from the graph calculating the difference between the pressure inside and outside the reservoir.
Breather caps with splash guard and flat dipstick, technopolymer SFP+a-EX
Code Description d D L d2 h a Weight
54011-EX SFP.30-3/8+a-EX G 3/8 31 29.5 10 9.5 188 30
54111-EX SFP.30-1/2+a-EX G 1/2 31 29.5 12 9.5 188 30
54211-EX SFP.40-3/4+a-EX G 3/4 42 36.5 18 11.5 184 42