VC.692-CR Lobe knobs Technopolymer chrome-plate

  • chromium
  • RoHS
  • PA
  • g13030


Main specifications


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, chrome-plated, glossy finish.

Standard execution

Brass boss, threaded blind hole.

General information

Features and applications

The exclusive five-lobe shape (ELESA original design) offers the operator's fingers a proper grip and prevents unhealthy residues from depositing thanks to its solid shape without cavities.

Chemical agents resistance

This knob is particularly suitable for applications on machines and equipment whose parts, for hygienic reasons, must be frequently cleaned also using water or steam jets. The chrome-plating makes the surface finish semi-glossy and homogeneous to facilitate cleaning operations. The chrome-plated surface is resistant to wear, scrapes and shocks. In laboratory tests carried out at ambient temperature (23°C), the chrome-plated surface revealed to be resistant to: sea water, detergents, acetone, ethyl alcohol, formic acid, chlorine solutions.
Lobe knobs Technopolymer chrome-plate VC.692-CR
Code Description D d6H L d1 l2 h Weight
152702 VC.692/32-CR-B-M6 32 M6 22.5 14 12.5 10 14
152712 VC.692/40-CR-B-M8 40 M8 26 15 14 13 23
152722 VC.692/50-CR-B-M10 50 M10 31 18 17 17 40
152731 VC.692/60-CR-B-M10 60 M10 36.5 21 21 20 63