EBK-H SOFT Mushroom lobe handles "Soft-touch" technopolymer with magnifying lens


Main specifications


High resilience polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer, coated with "soft-touch" thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) chemically bonded, hardness 70 Shore A, black colour, matte finish.
The coating material is certified in compliance with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Magnifiyng lens

Transparent polyamide based (PA-T) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases, petrol and other chemical agents (avoid contact with alcohol). Press-fit assembly. It improves the visibility of the labels.

Standard execution

Brass boss, threaded hole.

Accessories on request

Accessories on request

Self-adhesive labels MA. with standard marks and symbols to be ordered separately.

Instructions of use

Label assembly instructions

Stick the self-adhesive label (printed on the adhesive side) to the inner surface of the magnifying lens by pressing from the centre to the external side to avoid air bubbles. Assemble the magnifying lens to the handle face recess by gently tapping with a wooden or plastic mallet, until firmly in place. The label is therefore protected by the watertight magnifying lens.
Mushroom lobe handles "Soft-touch" technopolymer with magnifying lens EBK-H SOFT
Code Description D L d6H S d1 h l1 Weight
245104 EBK.43 B-M8-H-SOFT 43 53.5 M8 20 32.5 18 17.5 72
245106 EBK.43 B-M10-H-SOFT 43 53.5 M10 20 32.5 18 17.5 71
245204 EBK.50 B-M8-H-SOFT 50 60 M8 25 37 20 20 85
245206 EBK.50 B-M10-H-SOFT 50 60 M10 25 37 20 20 82
245208 EBK.50 B-M12-H-SOFT 50 60 M12 25 37 20 20 80