SH.N Spherical handles Duroplast, with lens

  • RoHS
  • PF
  • PA-T
  • g9020


Main specifications


Phenolic based (PF) Duroplast, black colour, glossy finish with equatorial groove.

Magnifiyng lens

Transparent polyamide based (PA-T) technopolymer. Press-fit assembly. It improves the visibility of the labels.

Standard execution

Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer self-locking boss, plain blind hole.
The elastic coupling, by press-fit assembly on h9 tolerance drawn stock bars, is not affected by vibrations and prevents the handle from slipping off (see Technical data).

Accessories on request

Accessories on request

Self-adhesive labels MA. with standard marks and symbols to be ordered separately.

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

  1. Fit the SH.N handle, without the magnifying lens, onto slight chamfered shaft end and push as far as possible by hand or by means of a small press. Alternatively it is possible to tap the handle with a plastic or wooden mallet until firmly in place. In this case we strongly recommend to use a cloth or other suitable soft material over the product to avoid any surface damage.
  2. Stick the self-adhesive label (printed on the adhesive side) to the inner surface of the magnifying lens by pressing from the centre to the external side to avoid air bubbles. Assemble the magnifying lens to the handle face recess by gently tapping with a wooden or plastic mallet, until firmly in place. The label is therefore protected by the watertight magnifying lens.
Spherical handles Duroplast, with lens SH.N
Code Description D d S d1 h Weight
55001 SH.35 N-8 35 8 20 15 14 27
55011 SH.35 N-10 35 10 20 15 18 26
55101 SH.40 N-10 40 10 25 18 18 40
55111 SH.40 N-12 40 12 25 18 21 38
55201 SH.45 N-12 45 12 25 21 21 60
55211 SH.45 N-14 45 14 25 21 24 58