GN 858 Latch type toggle clamps with locking mechanism

  • RoHS




  • Type T5: with fixing holes (d2)
Steel forged / precision die casting
chemically blackened
Bearing pins steel
hardened and ground
All moving parts
lubricated with special grease
Hand grip
High quality, oil resistant red plastic


GN 858 latch type toggle clamps are used when very high retaining forces are required.
The latch type clamp also features a locking mechanism which prevents the inadvertent or vibration-induced opening of the clamp.
Another benefit of this clamp is the ability to operate it with one hand.
Catch is included.

Description of function (for one-hand operation)

To release, move the locking mechanism in the direction of the arrow.

Lift the lever arm until the latch bolt is disengaged from the catch.

Moving the lever arm back will lift the latch bolt and release the catch (one-hand operation).

For clamping, lift the lever arm until the latch bolt rests against the catch.

The latch bolt engages with the catch if the locking mechanism is moved upward during clamping.
When clamping in the end position, the mechanism locks automatically through spring tension.
Latch type toggle clamps with locking mechanism GN 858
GN 858
Description Size FH in N a b1 b2 b3 b4 d1 d2 h1 h2 l1 l2 min. m1 m2 m3 m4 r ≈ s w1 w2 Weight
GN 858-1400-T5 1400 15000 22 115 51.5 66 22 10 8.5 57 38 318 47 21 95 11 44 97.5 5 24 22 1633