GN 123 Sheet metal punches for mounting latches

  • RoHS



Punch and die
hardened (56 - 58 HRC)


These sheet metal punches GN 123 allow the operator to punch in a simple way fixing holes in sheet metal doors for latches with square V14 and V20.
Sheet metal punches GN 123 are ideally suited for punching holes into sheet metal up to 2 mm thickness.

Assembly Instruction

Set predrill hole d. We recommend using an adhesive tape with the centre of the punch hole and the datum lines showing.
Insert pull bolt with punch.
Attach the die, align along the datum lines and fix in place with the hexagon nut / set punch hole.

On Request

  • Sheet metal punches GN 123.5 for Stainless Steel sheet.
Sheet metal punches for mounting latches GN 123
GN 123
Description s1 +0.1 e Ø +0.5 d s2 Weight
GN 123-V14,1 V 14.1 16.3 11 2 475
GN 123-V20,1 V 20.1 22.5 15 2 505