GN 115.6 Stainless Steel-Mini-Latches




  • Type DK: Operation with triangular spindle (DK 6.5)
  • Type VK: Operation with square spindle (VK 6)
  • Type SCH: Operation with slot
Stainless Steel AISI 303
Latch AISI 304
Protection class IP65
via the housing gasket and the O-ring


Mini-Latches GN 115.6 have smaller dimensions than latches GN 115.
They lock by a turning operation limited to 90° which moves the locking behind the door frame. The bevels of the locking ease the closing of the door.
Latches with different cranks cover a latch distance A from 7.5 to 19.5 mm.
In their standard design, the latches have the same lock / the same key.
Mini-Latches GN 115.6 are supplied with loosely enclosed latch.

Technical Information


Construction and Assembly Instructions

For installation, set a bore diameter in the door as shown in the outline drawing.
Once assembled, the latch is pushed through the bore diameter from the front. The hexagon nut can then be pushed over the latch from the back and bolted in place.
The installation bore diameter in the door leaf is usually generated by punching or laser machining in series production.
For small series and steel sheets below 2 mm thickness, the sheet metal punshes GN 123 are the tool of choice.
The installation bore diameter can also be set by drilling / milling as shown in the outline drawings.
Stainless Steel-Mini-Latches  GN 115.6
GN 115.6
Description Latch distance A Weight
GN 115.6-DK-7,5 7.5 15
GN 115.6-DK-13,5 13.5 20
GN 115.6-DK-19,5 19.5 25
GN 115.6-SCH-7,5 7.5 30
GN 115.6-SCH-13,5 13.5 30
GN 115.6-SCH-19,5 19.5 35
GN 115.6-VK-7,5 7.5 26
GN 115.6-VK-13,5 13.5 28
GN 115.6-VK-19,5 19.5 30