APC Adapter for PC support clamp for round tubes Technopolymer

  • RoHS
  • PA
  • g8020


Main specifications


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, RAL 7042 grey colour, matte finish.

General information

Features and applications

Kit for installation of PC support clamp on round tubes (thickness max. = 2 mm). The kit includes a technopolymer adapter, a M6 zinc-plated steel threaded insert to install with a normal riveter on the tube and a M6 cylindrical head screw.The adapters give the best aesthetic result for panels of thickness between 4 and 6 mm and tubes with diameters as follows:
  • 30÷34 mm
  • 40÷43 mm
  • 48÷52 mm.

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

  • Insert the M6 shorted cylindrical head screw with DIN 7984 hexagon socket into the plastic adapter.
  • Insert the adapter into the slot of PC until the catch bracket clicks into position.
  • Drill a hole in the tube of 9 mm.
  • Fit the threaded insert on the tube with a riveter.
  • Install the support clamp on the tube by tightening the screw into the threaded insert.
Adapter for PC support clamp for round tubes Technopolymer APC
Code Description D For tubes Ø Weight
49291 APC.30-34 34 30 ÷ 34 5
49293 APC.40-43 43 40 ÷ 43 5
49295 APC.48-52 52 48 ÷ 52 5