GN 56 Retaining magnets for profile systems



Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)
black, matt SW
Material of the magnet
Neodymium, iron, boron
temperature resistant up to 80 °C
Steel insert, grub screw
zinc plated, blue passivated


With GN 56 retaining magnets doors, covers or even tools and accessories can simply be attached to profile systems using magnets.
Thanks to the side-mounted plastic spring elements the retaining magnet can be introduced into a profile nut at any point. When affixed this way, the magnet holds with a multiple of its magnet nominal holding force in the nut. If necessary, the retaining magnet can be taken out of the nut again with a suitable screw driver via the recesses on the front.
Lightly turning the threaded pin against the groove base stops the retaining magnet from moving in the direction of the nut. Additional protection against sideward movement can be achieved with nuts for T-nuts  GN 506, for example.
Retaining magnets for profile systems GN 56
GN 56
Description b1 a b2 h1 h2 l A/F Nominal adhesive forces in N Weight
GN 56-6-30-SW 6 30 9.5 3 10.2 41 1.5 10 6
GN 56-8-30-SW 8 30 11.6 2.3 9.3 41 2 18 6
GN 56-8-40-SW 8 40 12.5 4.8 12.9 41 2 18 6
GN 56-10-45-SW 10 45 13.2 6 13.2 41 2 18 10