MBT-GW Knobs with digital-analogue position indicator gravity drive, technopolymer

  • RoHS
  • IP67
  • PA
  • PA-T
  • g100


Main specifications

Diamond cut knurled knob

Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish.
Moulded-in spindle.


Technopolymer. Moulded over the window.


Transparent polyamide based (PA-T) technopolymer (practically unbreakable).Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents (avoid contact with alcohol during cleaning operations).


Natural matte anodised aluminium.Clockwise (D) or anti-clockwise (S) graduation, black colour.

Standard execution

Black-oxide steel boss, H7 reamed blind hole, fitting to shaft by means of a supplied grub screw with hexagon socket and cup end UNI 5929-85.


Five-digits roller counter and one red pointer which turns on the graduated dial. The digit of the red roll shows the decimal values, while the pointer shows the hundredth.
The display indicates the displacement of the mechanism controlled by the spindle from the start position (0). One complete turn of the machine spindle corresponds to a turn of the knob and consequently to a turn of the red pointer. A turn of the red pointer corresponds to a determinate reading on the counter (see "reading on the counter after one revolution of the red pointer" in the table).
Ballrace rotation: maximum reading accuracy.

IP protection

The ultrasonic welding of the window to the case guarantees the complete sealing with IP 67 protection class, see EN 60529 table.

General information

Features and applications

The knobs with integral gravity position indicator are suitable on spindles with horizontal or max 60° inclined axis.

Special executions on request

Special executions on request

  • No pointer
  • Plain dial
  • Special dial with logo or customized graduations
  • Special readings after one revolution.

Instructions of use

Instructions of use

See GW12.
Knobs with digital-analogue position indicator gravity drive, technopolymer MBT-GW
Knobs with digital-analogue position indicator gravity drive, technopolymer MBT-GW
Code Description Weight
CE.58121 MBT.70-GW12-000.25-D 195
CE.58122 MBT.70-GW12-000.25-S 195
CE.58201 MBT.70-GW12-000.12(5)-D 195
CE.58202 MBT.70-GW12-000.12(5)-S 195
CE.58241 MBT.70-GW12-0000.2-D 195
CE.58242 MBT.70-GW12-0000.2-S 195
CE.58251 MBT.70-GW12-000.02-D 195
CE.58252 MBT.70-GW12-000.02-S 195
CE.58261 MBT.70-GW12-00.002-D 195
CE.58262 MBT.70-GW12-00.002-S 195
CE.58271 MBT.70-GW12-00002-D 195
CE.58272 MBT.70-GW12-00002-S 195
CE.58401 MBT.70-GW12-0000.5-D 195
CE.58402 MBT.70-GW12-0000.5-S 195
CE.58411 MBT.70-GW12-000.05-D 195
CE.58412 MBT.70-GW12-000.05-S 195
CE.58421 MBT.70-GW12-00.005-D 195
CE.58422 MBT.70-GW12-00.005-S 195
CE.58431 MBT.70-GW12-00005-D 195
CE.58432 MBT.70-GW12-00005-S 195
CE.58451 MBT.70-GW12-0000.8-D 195
CE.58452 MBT.70-GW12-0000.8-S 195
CE.58461 MBT.70-GW12-000.08-D 195
CE.58462 MBT.70-GW12-000.08-S 195
CE.58471 MBT.70-GW12-00.008-D 195
CE.58472 MBT.70-GW12-00.008-S 195
CE.58481 MBT.70-GW12-00008-D 195
CE.58482 MBT.70-GW12-00008-S 195
CE.58501 MBT.70-GW12-0001.0-D 195
CE.58502 MBT.70-GW12-0001.0-S 195
CE.58505 MBT.70-GW12-000.10-D 195
CE.58506 MBT.70-GW12-000.10-S 195
CE.58507 MBT.70-GW12-0001.2-D 195
CE.58508 MBT.70-GW12-0001.2-S 195
CE.58511 MBT.70-GW12-0001.2(5)-D 195
CE.58512 MBT.70-GW12-0001.2(5)-S 195
CE.58517 MBT.70-GW12-000.12-D 195
CE.58518 MBT.70-GW12-000.12-S 195
CE.58521 MBT.70-GW12-00.010-D 195
CE.58522 MBT.70-GW12-00.010-S 195
CE.58525 MBT.70-GW12-00010-D 195
CE.58526 MBT.70-GW12-00010-S 195
CE.58527 MBT.70-GW12-00.012-D 195
CE.58528 MBT.70-GW12-00.012-S 195
CE.58531 MBT.70-GW12-00.012(5)-D 195
CE.58532 MBT.70-GW12-00.012(5)-S 195
CE.58537 MBT.70-GW12-00012-D 195
CE.58538 MBT.70-GW12-00012-S 195
CE.58541 MBT.70-GW12-00012(5)-D 195
CE.58542 MBT.70-GW12-00012(5)-S 195
CE.58581 MBT.70-GW12-0002.0-D 195
CE.58582 MBT.70-GW12-0002.0-S 195
CE.58591 MBT.70-GW12-000.20-D 195
CE.58592 MBT.70-GW12-000.20-S 195
CE.58601 MBT.70-GW12-00.020-D 195
CE.58602 MBT.70-GW12-00.020-S 195
CE.58611 MBT.70-GW12-00020-D 195
CE.58612 MBT.70-GW12-00020-S 195
CE.58621 MBT.70-GW12-0002.5-D 195
CE.58622 MBT.70-GW12-0002.5-S 195
CE.58641 MBT.70-GW12-00.025-D 195
CE.58642 MBT.70-GW12-00.025-S 195
CE.58646 MBT.70-GW12-00025-D 195
CE.58647 MBT.70-GW12-00025-S 195
CE.58651 MBT.70-GW12-0003.0-D 195
CE.58652 MBT.70-GW12-0003.0-S 195
CE.58656 MBT.70-GW12-000.30-D 195
CE.58657 MBT.70-GW12-000.30-S 195
CE.58661 MBT.70-GW12-00.030-D 195
CE.58662 MBT.70-GW12-00.030-S 195
CE.58666 MBT.70-GW12-00030-D 195
CE.58667 MBT.70-GW12-00030-S 195
CE.58671 MBT.70-GW12-0003.5-D 195
CE.58672 MBT.70-GW12-0003.5-S 195
CE.58681 MBT.70-GW12-000.35-D 195
CE.58682 MBT.70-GW12-000.35-S 195
CE.58691 MBT.70-GW12-00.035-D 195
CE.58692 MBT.70-GW12-00.035-S 195
CE.58696 MBT.70-GW12-00035-D 195
CE.58697 MBT.70-GW12-00035-S 195
CE.58701 MBT.70-GW12-0004.0-D 195
CE.58702 MBT.70-GW12-0004.0-S 195
CE.58711 MBT.70-GW12-000.40-D 195
CE.58712 MBT.70-GW12-000.40-S 195
CE.58721 MBT.70-GW12-00.040-D 195
CE.58722 MBT.70-GW12-00.040-S 195
CE.58731 MBT.70-GW12-00040-D 195
CE.58732 MBT.70-GW12-00040-S 195
CE.58741 MBT.70-GW12-0005.0-D 195
CE.58742 MBT.70-GW12-0005.0-S 195
CE.58751 MBT.70-GW12-000.50-D 195
CE.58752 MBT.70-GW12-000.50-S 195
CE.58761 MBT.70-GW12-00.050-D 195
CE.58762 MBT.70-GW12-00.050-S 195
CE.58771 MBT.70-GW12-00050-D 195
CE.58772 MBT.70-GW12-00050-S 195