GN 730.5 Stainless Steel-Ledge handle



Stainless Steel precision casting A4
  • AISI 316
  • matte shot-blasted GS


The GN 730.5 Stainless Steel-Ledge handle is used on doors, guards and hatches on machines, as well as on drawers and pull-out units. Due to the A4 material used, the handle is intended especially for use in corrosive environments with aggressive media.
The ledge handle is made in a way that does not allow pooling of fluids, which makes cleaning easier and prevents build up of residue and bacteria.
It can be attached from the back side via the mounting thread. Alternatively, the handles can be welded from the front.

On request

  • polished or plastic coated
Stainless Steel-Ledge handle  GN 730.5
GN 730.5
Description l1 d a b1 b2 b3 h1 h2 l2 t min. Weight
GN 730.5-A4-120-GS 120 M6 10 6 12.5 35 32 25 100 9 347