When colour is a value

January 25, 2018 09:18

Every single detail be it aesthetic or functional is essential and can significantly affect the perception of a product.

A successful example of the use of coloured standard elements is Clifton Food Range® (part of Nickel-Electro Ltd.) with baths and immersion circulators.
‘Cliftons’, as chefs regularly refer to, are used in the most acclaimed kitchens worldwide.

The origins of the product lie in the precision range for scientific applications, in which Nickel-Electro already had an extensive knowledge and manufacture expertise. 
In fact, some forward-thinking Michelin starred chefs were starting to use Clifton Science products for “sous-vide” cooking (under vacuum cooking).
Sous-vide cooking, today, uses a water bath to accurately cook the vacuum packed item at a precise temperature.

Therefore, Nickel-Electro started designing a more robust product range for  professional kitchens with specific features such as timers and side-lifting handles.
The new range was supposed not only to perform the accuracy of the original scientific products but also to withstand a continuous use under more intensive working conditions. 

Nickel-Electro selected a few products out of the Elesa+Ganter range in one of the available Elecolors*, for aesthetical features – the availability of colour elements as a standard – for the quality of the material and for their technical performances:

M.843  bridge handles, in technopolymer, glossy finish

PR-PF flush pull handles, in technopolymer, matte finish

VTR. knobs in technopolymer, glossy finish.

Orange identifies Cliftons’ products differentiating them from all other kitchen appliances, becoming a distinctive feature.

In addition to Pure Orange the new ELECOLORS* chromatic range also includes: Light Grey, Colza Yellow, Pastel Blue, Flame Red and Jet Black.
Livelier colours than the traditional grey and green "Reseda", typical of the mechanical industries of the past, these are now accepted and requested by a growing number of sectors.
ELECOLORS* presents an extensive selection of technopolymer standard components, which offer the possibility of a perfect aesthetic combination to the machines they are installed on, enhancing the perception of their value and quality.

Furthermore, thanks to the commitment to offer the highest quality standards also in terms of aesthetics, colours are controlled by the colorimetric spectrodensitometers to ensure maximum colour consistency and repeatability, both during production and over the entire lifecycle of the components.

*Trademark application